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Switzerland goes to Thank you!

Germany was just bought by Thank you!

Macau goes to Mr. Z.

Gibraltar has been sponsored by Gewinno - Gratis Gewinnspiele. Thank you!

Monaco just was bought by Thanks a lot!

Down Under Australia has been sold to H. E. Peter Lee, The Viscount Eastwood. Thanks!

Greece was bought by Steve "the Greek" Coker. Thanks!

Today I would like to introduce a new feature on the aftermarket! It is a simple but convenient platform for those who have purchased a country and would like to offer it for sale and those who are interested in buying someone other‘s country. You can find it here.

Support for Haiti comes from Charity Music Inc. One quarter of the sale goes to GlobalGiving Relief Fund for Haiti Earthquake.

Egypt was just sold.

Bahamas is the first country in the year 2010, and the first island ever, which has been sold on 246countries.

The second country has been sold on eBay. The sponsor of VATICAN CITY is Charity Music Inc, a nonprofit public service organization, whose mission is to help cultivate the next upcoming crop of young artists by providing Musical Instruments, on loan, to at- risk and disadvantaged youth wishing to explore their hidden Musical Talents.

All beginnings are difficult. Thats why I’m specially happy to announce that the first country has been sold on eBay! It’s ANTARCTICA. One quarter of the revenue went to ASOC, the Antarctica Project.

Tuesday, 30th November 2009

This is the first post and the opening for this website at the same time. The aim of "246countries" is to create a lasting homage to the nations in all the different countries on earth. It is an appraisal of people who share a common country, history, culture, language or ethnic origin.

The process is very simple: 246 countries (including even overseas territories and collectivities) are shown on an interactive satellite map and are initially blanked out. Each country can be bought by a sponsor as a sign of his esteem for this country. Country pages show rich information, like specific facts on history, geography, demographics, culture and religion.

For the convenience of the sponsor his name and website is shown on the country map - along with the sponsor’s logo on the top of the country page.

This is a one-time chance in internet history. Be a part of it!

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